We are Air Separation & CO2 plant construction & relocation specialists

Since 1987, Ranch Cryogenics, Inc. (RCI) has served the needs of industrial gases users and producers worldwide. Our mission is to display experience and reliability in everything we do.

RCI Mechanical

RCI Mechanical provides pipe and equipment skid fabrication utilizing our mechanical and shop facilities in Dwight, Illinois. RCI maintains a staff of qualified and certified pipe fitters, welders for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum TIG and MIG.

  • Piping Installation Services

  • Welding and Tubing Services

  • Orbital Welding and Tubing

  • Medium and High-Pressure Cone and Thread Services

  • Oxygen Cleaning Services

  • Equipment Skid Fabrication Services

  • Maintenance Turnaround Services

  • Construction and Installation Management Services

  • Equipment Storage and Preservation Services

  • Cold Box Work

  • Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger Repair

About Ranch Cryogenics

Ranch Cryogenics, Inc. began in 1987 when Mike Duffy, Sr.decided to strike out on his own after a long career which began in Milwaukee WI. in 1966.

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Why own an ASU?

Many Industrial gas users have made the switch from gas users to
gas producers to decrease costs  and increase product supply reliability.

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Tell us about your next project?

With over 30 years in the industry, we have the experience
and qualified team to reach your project goals.

Ranch Cryogenics Services

  • Air Separation & CO2 Plant Relocation Services

  • Air Separation Unit Design and Construction

  • Plant Start-up and Relief Operations

  • Control System Design (Electric & Pneumatic Plant Controls)

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