Equipment Skid Fabrication Services

We fabricate custom modular skids to meet your specific needs

RCI Mechanical fabricates custom modular skids to meet your specific needs and process requirements. RCI Mechanical can deliver turnkey skid services including design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, painting, insulation, heat tracing, electrical and instrumentation.

Our skid fabrication services will present you with the ability to efficiently maximize your space, offer greater quality control during skid construction and greatly reduce unit installation time. Onsite fabrication is available, and our modular skid shipping services are only limited to the maximum dimensions allowed to freight by rail and truck.

Skid Fabrication Services:

  • Heat exchanger skids for commercial, industrial and process use in both new construction and replacement conditions.

  • Equipment skids for a variety of equipment as required for industrial, commercial and process use.

  • Assemblies of piping spools into skidded assemblies for easier field installation.

  • Pressure reducing stations to ease field installation costs.

  • Pump skids for commercial, industrial and process use in both new construction and replacement conditions.

Equipment Skid Fabrication Services

  • One PO for complete mechanical/electrical skids

  • Component research, selection, purchasing and expediting

  • On-site inventory

    Heat exchangers, sealpots, control panels, instrumentation, valves, actuators, pumps, blowers, and tanks

  • 3D modeling available

  • Project management for purchasing, shop fabrication and engineering

  • ASME Section IX welding qualifications

  • QA management program

  • NDE certification

Process Skid Services:

  • Pump and blower skid packages

  • Heat exchanger skids

  • High pressure systems

  • Truck unloading skids

  • Railcar unloading skids

  • Ammonia transfer, ammonia injection & ammonia vaporizer skids

  • Power generation natural gas combined cycle process skids

  • Corrosion inhibitor skids

  • Compressor skids

  • Control panels and instrumentation

  • Raw water pump station skids

  • Water treatment skids

  • Chemical process skids

    Transport skid, blending skid, extraction skid, filtration skid, metering skid, injection skid, dosing skid and feeding skid

RCI Mechanical Serves the Following Industries:

  • Industrial gas

  • Petrochemical

  • Drilling

  • Energy

  • Power generation

  • Chemical

  • Refining

  • Oil & gas production

RCI Mechanical Serves the Following Industries:

Modular design build methods for process systems take a traditional system design and fit it into a self-contained unit on a frame that can be lifted and moved as a single piece of equipment. This approach has several advantages:

  • Off-site construction in the controlled environment of a skid manufacturer

  • Shorter project timelines

  • Reduced equipment footprints

  • Minimize disruption

  • Reduce costs

  • Less OSHA exposure hours

  • Process systems are built indoors, under ideal plant conditions

  • Better quality and faster completion time

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