Orbital Welding and Tubing Services

Cutting edge orbital welding and tubing techniques and technologies

The RCI Mechanical staff includes a veteran ASME certified orbital welding team for precision applications of the most current GMP and UHP practices.

RCI Mechanical utilizes cutting edge orbital welding techniques, tooling technologies, weld-joint design, 3D CAD applications, and manufacturing expertise to raise product quality and lowering productions costs while serving as a single-source turnkey supplier.

Orbital Welding Capabilities

  • UHP Orbital Welding

    - Tube Size 1/8” to 4”
    - Pipe size 1” to 6”

  • Applications

    - High pressure gas manifolds
    - Chemical vapor deposition systems
    - Oxygen analyzers
    - Moisture analyzers
    - Spool pieces
    - Spray nozzle manifolds
    - High purity analyzer internal plumbing
    - Calibration cabinets
    - Process tool & equipment interconnects

Qualified Procedures

  • Materials

    - Stainless Steel
    - Copper
    - Inconel
    - Monel

  • Service Advantages

    - 3D CAD layout and configuration
    - Timely turnaround
    - Zero internal surface oxidation

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