Cold Box Work

Whatever work that needs to be done in your cold box we have done it...

RCI Mechanical can perform inspections on any size cold box anywhere in the world. If columns or vessels need replaced RCI Mechanical can procure new vessels or columns, remove the old one and install the new one. RCI Mechanical can also perform maintenance in cold boxes. RCI Mechanical also has the capabilities to refurbish your cold box in the field and give it new life.

There is no job to tall or too tight. RCI has performed all types of maintenance in cold boxes as well. We have changed check valves, cryogenic valves, penetration boots, gel trap work, and many other aspects of the cold box. Whatever work that needs to be done in your cold box we have done it and if not, it will all be done in a safe and time-efficient manner.

Cold Box Repairs and Maintenance:

  • Cryogenic valve repair or replacement

  • Check valve repair or replacement

  • Gel trap work

  • Penetration boots work

  • On-site exchanger repair or replacement

  • Cold box inspections

  • Aluminum plate fin exchanger repair

  • Vessel or column fabrication, removal and installation

  • BAHX repair or replacement

  • Installation of new instrumentation

  • Instrument tubing re-routing

  • Existing landing and ladder modifications

  • Exterior painting

  • Insulation removal or installation

  • Piping modifications

  • Valve relocation

  • Pressure tests

RCI Mechanical’s 30 plus years of experience makes us the ideal company for cold box refurbishment and maintenance.  We have the in-field capabilities and vast resources to bring new life back into your cold box on-site.

Cold Box Repairs and Maintenance:

  • Support for industrial gas, gas processing and petrochemical facilities

  • Organizing expedited logistics to craft equipment on-site

  • On-site repair of BAHX to NBIC standards

  • Shop repair or alterations of BAHX to NBIC and ASME standards

  • Welding in tight, confined spaces

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