Control System Design

Complete Control System Design & Installation

RCI routinely designs and installs complete control systems on new and relocated installations.  We generally use Emerson Delta V systems, but any system can be supplied based on customer preference.  Ranch has upgraded numerous outdated electronic and pneumatic control systems to reliable, unattended computer controlled operation.  RCI has installed several systems in medical grade plants which required FDA validation.  In these cases, RCI and the customer work together to meet all design, installation, testing and commissioning requirements to complete all necessary tasks for compliance.

In many cases older rotating machinery and related equipment are still sound mechanically, but electronics in controls are outdated or discontinued.  Ranch Cryogenics can provide design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of small “on board” PLCs to replace outdated equipment controls.

We have a full time instrument technician and a complete compliment of NIST traceable calibration equipment.

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