Oxygen Cleaning Services

Reduce particulate contamination while inhibiting oxidation

RCI Mechanical oxygen cleaning service is performed on products that are intended for oxygen enriched and high purity environments including hydrogen and nitrogen enriched environments as well as other liquid and gas applications. This process removes any residual organic and inorganic contamination such as hydrocarbons, which include weld slag, oil, grease and more. Moreover, a passive layer surface is left which reduces particulate contamination while inhibiting oxidation.

Oxygen Cleaning System and Equipment Expertise:

  • LOX and GOX piping & hoses

  • Process and storage tanks

  • Product and distribution piping

  • Vessels and tanks

  • Clean in place (CIP)

  • Tubing and hoses

  • Valves and gauges

  • Components and hardware

  • Manifolds

  • Chambers

  • Spools, nozzles and coils

  • Heat exchangers

  • Aluminum plate fin exchangers

RCI Mechanical delivers chemical cleaning & passivation services to installed systems: pre-operational, pre-commissioning of new construction, post-modification, or for maintenance during shutdowns. We process piping, fittings, vessels, and other types of equipment. RCI Mechanical has the ability for in-field oxygen cleaning at project sites or at customer facilities.

We frequently respond to emergency situations for critical utilities, systems and equipment. When the project is completed, we send documentation packages for your systems and equipment maintenance records.

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