Air Separation Unit (ASU) Design and Construction

Ranch Cryogenics, Inc. (RCI) will custom design any size gas or liquid production ASU to your requirements.

Our experienced engineers can design your new ASU to fit your particular production, electrical and utility needs. Equipment specifications are developed based on this information. RCI can then obtain quotes and procure the specified equipment or provide the information to you for your purchase. While equipment is manufactured, RCI will engineer the details specific to location requirements. Utilities, civil, structural, process piping, electrical and instrumentation systems are designed and drawings are developed.

Ranch can offer turn key projects in the United States. On these projects, RCI will hire contractors and manage the entire construction project. Our start up and commissioning staff will supervise testing and commissioning of all systems and bring the plant on line. Any of these services can be added or deleted from the Ranch project scope, as desired by the customer. We can offer design only, a turn key project or something in between.

On projects outside of the US, in addition to design and specification engineering and equipment procurement, RCI can provide assistance on contractor selection and can offer an experienced project manager to supervise them. Drawings can be provided to your company for your use in construction of the ASU, with RCI guidance, or RCI can provide a full time on site project manager to run the project. Again, any combination of these services can be added or deleted. It’s up to you!

In all cases RCI will provide a crew to administer an ASU performance test at the conclusion of the project to ensure that all systems meet specifications and that production and power usage are within design parameters

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